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After Payment, Contact Us by sending a text containing your payment details (Bank you pay to, Depositor’s name, Teller number, Amount paid and Username on to any of the following phone numbers: 08064590458 or 08094891644.

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Bulk SMS at its cheapest rate in Nigeria charging N1.50k per unit. We send 1 page SMS at 1unit flat rate. We have the complete GSM database in Nigeria. We also handle other ICT services with our best web developers.
Send SMS to any mobile network locally and internationally from your BBCBULKSMS.COM web account,via your internet-enabled laptop/desktop system, mobile phone and ipad. BBCBULKSMS.COM high quality gateway reaches across borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide. We operate on a prepay basis. The SMS Units that you buy will not expire until you use them. We have a comprehensive database of valid and active Nigerian Phone Numbers sorted and classified into state by state and each states Mobile number collection is further grouped by their local Government (LGA). Our GSM Numbers database was recently obtained and it has a very high percent of active(ie ringing) numbers. Our list makes it easier for your targeted location-based campaigns, advertisements and mobile marketing activities in a cost effective way. Please note that we do not sell a generated number since no software can generate phone numbers in a state by state or location-based categorization

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Phone: +234 806 459 0458
Phone: +234 809 489 1644

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No 26 Igwebuike Road,
Arthur Eze Avenue
Awka, Anambra State

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